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About Us

Where We Started

The Maarga Team first banded together in our college sophomore days to face the challenge of making the world a better place to live in for persons with disabilities in an Assistive Technology Hackathon. From there, we kept on tackling new problems and trying out new methodologies to find tailor-made solutions to each new hurdle.

Who We Are

Your products and services define you and your values. Therefore, at Maarga, we believe in creating intuitive systems that define you and your vision. We are here to combine your brand with the latest technology to help you build a business that cares for its customers, its employees, and strives to be at the top of its game.

Who Matters To Us

We are eager to work with institutions that have the foresight to spot the upcoming waves in technology and business. Our superior engineering, human-centric design, and customer support enable us to assist our clients and partners in accomplishing their goals and creating value in the market. Owing to our focus on customer support, we maintain a close and frequent relationship with all our partners.

We want to cultivate Maarga Technology as a home for innovators, technology specialists, and open-minded individuals who are enthusiastic to learn, learn and keep on learning. Come talk with us if you believe you'll be a good fit.


Mobile App Development

Mobile is the new frontier. The world now wants systems that stay in their pockets and run on their fingertips. Increase your sales, improve your efficiency, and build your loyal customer base with your own mobile application. We build Android apps that cater to your needs with the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

Website Development

A website is the digital extension of your brand’s persona. Your website will help you amplify your message and extend the reach of your services. Revamp your business with us. We build websites that are unique to your brand and your services.


Rent A Bike

Carrying and trying to understand an old school map is a nuisance to many mountain biking enthusiasts. Is there a way to get rid of those confusing maps and enjoying your ride to the fullest? Yes, there is: hiring a guide! However, that increases the cost of the sport quite easily. Taking this pain point of their customers in mind, Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures partnered up with Maarga and created a play store app: Rent A Bike.

Rent A Bike features some of the best one-day biking trails offered by Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures. The trail maps are free to explore, download, and navigate on your own. Explore the beauty of Pokhara Valley on a bike ride with our play store app: Rent A Bike!

Sanjog Travels

Sanjog Travels is a Pokhara based travel company that focuses on providing the utmost level of convenience to its passengers. It is one of the pioneer transportation companies that offered pick-up points even in the remotest locations of Pokhara like Hemja and Lamachaur.

To complement their unique service, Maarga created a website with a responsive map that shows the exact route of the bus services provided by Sanjog. On this website, you can choose the trip, check the exact route of the bus, and even book the seats for you and your loved ones!

NFDN Slueth

The Maarga team became a part of the “Open Data for Accessibility of Public Places in Kathmandu” project run by the National Federation of Disabled - Nepal in 2018. This project aimed to put the information on the accessibility of the public places of Kathmandu Valley on OSM (Open Street Map).

NFDN Sleuth is a data collection app that was specifically made for this project to ease the process of data collection by our volunteers. NFDN Sleuth was our first attempt on making an app and it was far from perfect. However, the app was more than sufficient to meet its purpose. Thanks to NFDN Sleuth, the volunteers, and the tireless effort of our team, we were able to update the accessibility information of more than 1200 public places in Kathmandu Valley on OSM.

Our Partners

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